Tony Buzan - inventor of 'Mind Maps'

Tony Buzan

British-born Tony spends as many as eight months a year lecturing abroad to immense and enthusiastic audiences on all five continents. Our brief has been to reintroduce him to potential audiences on his home shores - refreshing his reputation over here, while helping to publicise many of his multi-media publishing activities, including his now highly popular self-help book Age-Proof Your Brain, his Language Revolution Kit and his iMindMap software - in both commercial and home versions.

When we first took Tony on board as a client, our first task was to build up an 'armoury' of international press and feature pieces on Tony and his works, and then to approach all the journalists, broadcasters, planners and researchers that we felt would be interested in utilising his personality and featuring his views across all elements of the media. We worked hard, and the results were spectacular.

Tony at MacLaren

Tony has appeared on many top national TV shows, including This Morning, BBC Breakfast and The One Show, and on close to eighty radio programmes. And at least a hundred articles or opinion pieces have been published in magazines and newspapers as varied as The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Sun, Daily Express, Yours, Glamour, Real Travel, The Times Educational Supplement and Reader's Digest - plus many important websites.