All-Year Coverage


If your product or service is a household name (or approaching this level of awareness in your particular niche) it is best to work with us on a full retainer basis - most of our clients do this. Working very closely with you and your team, we carefully strategise a constant high-profile programme of multi-media PR activities, sampling and events if needed. This ensures your presence in the right places, at the right time - while also allowing for flashes of creative genius and ad hoc opportunity-spotting... and even planning and carrying out guerrilla marketing if appropriate!

Launch Splash or Christmas Bursts

Gross Magic

If your needs are fairly short and very sweet, we can work with you on a project basis, over a three to five months period - allowing for preparation time, long copy date liaison and the 'instant media' programme. We only work within the specialist media areas we already know really well (broadly speaking, virtually everything to do with Consumer Leisure - and the youth segment particularly), so our contacts are bang up-to-date and there is virtually no 'learning curve'. We just do you a proposal, get your approval - and go straight in there and get on with it!

Interview Programmes

Tony Buzan

A number of our clients are show biz or well-known business or educational personalities in their own right - and some clients have a requirement which benefits from interviews to help carry through their PR presence within their trade and/or consumer market places. Here we liaise closely with the person concerned, get to know his or her strengths and weaknesses - and then present them to the correctly targeted media - press, broadcast, and ever-increasingly online. To do this, we'll 'sell in' our own specifically tailored concepts to exactly the right people, or make sure our client features in a positive way in an editorial piece or programme already in the making.

Refreshment Campaigns and Crisis Management

Rubic's cubeThe former can often be the most exciting, fun and challenging programmes for clients to embark on. Where a product or service has, perhaps, been 'treading water' for a while (or living off its reputation for just a little too long) - and needs a real fillip to get it moving again - it deserves a PR consultancy with verve, creativity, experience and tenacity to set it on its way once more. We undertake a lot of this type of work - and have worked for a huge variety of clients over the years. Our experienced account handlers can also deal with any sort of emergency or challenge which may come along - instantly and effectively.